Take the Lead with a Non-Invasive, Safe, Accurate,
Diagnostic Test for CAD

Doctors, hospitals, research labs and testing facilities stand to gain with this breakthrough CAD test. HealthCheck Diagnostics offers diagnostic tests never-before-availability to determine atherosclerotic disease in its early and also in its acute stages. Tests reveal natural immune responses to proteins that are produced in response to chronic or acute CAD.

Companies who use this technology can reduce the high-mortality risk of heart disease. HealthCheck can give them a leading edge. This is a unique test with no equivalent currently on the market. Companies immediately become state-of-the-art as they incorporate this new diagnostic.

The technology is easy to deploy and integrate into all medical health facilities. Medical costs can drop and patients benefit with better health. It’s a preventative approach to heart attacks.

Cash in on the huge Heart Health Market
Currently the U.S. spends about $108.9 billion every year for the treatment and management of coronary heart diseases. The global market for heart failure and heart attacks is expected to grow from $13.7 billion in 2012 to $18.2 billion by 2019. People needing treatment will increase about 2 million in the same time period to a total of 16 million by 2019.

While great efforts are being made with late phase drug trials, there are still about 17 million people dying ever year from CAD. Cardiovascular diseases account for about 50% of the total deaths worldwide.

The cardiac marker diagnostic testing market is growing with the US market expecting to surpass $2.4 billion by 2016. It is expected to continue to expand to $3.5 billion USD— an increase of nearly 45%– by 2021.

HealthCheck Diagnostics is poised to take advantage of this huge market.

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