Reduce the Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death

Scientists have discovered a non-invasive way to see if this silent killer is active in a patient. They have uncovered a biomarker that detects the presence of atherosclerosis. This test is effective regardless of age or sex. It is accurate in the presence of tobacco history, diabetes, hypertension, or statin use.

HealthCheck Diagonstics detects the presence of the life-threatening disease often before any symptoms are present.

Studies used control patients with no evidence of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) as well as patients hospitalized with acute heart attacks and patients with previous heart attacks. In all cases, the test produced measurably higher results for the at-risk groups than the control groups.
HealthCheck Diagnostics proves useful in two specific ways

HeartDetect uses these key antibody levels to help doctors check for chronic, stable CAD. It can be used as a primary care screening device to alert patients and doctors to an increased risk of CAD.

AttackDetect uses a similar set of antibodies to alert doctors to an acute myocardial infarction and its resolution. Scientists think this measure elevates at the time of the heart attack. These levels drop quickly afterwards, confirming resolution of the attack.

This major breakthrough allows doctors to accurately pinpoint the disease in patients in a low cost, easy-to-use way. It gives doctors a remarkable ability to advance the health of their patients and reduce the high mortality risk of heart disease.

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